What is the song rooster by alice in chains about

what is the song rooster by alice in chains about

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The title comes from Alice in Chains guitarist-songwriter Jerry Cantrell's father. "Rooster" was his nickname in Vietnam, where he fought in the war. The elder Cantrell wouldn't talk about the war, so Jerry crafted the lyrics based on what he thought where his father's . Jerry Cantrell's father, Jerry Cantrell Sr. is a Vietnam War veteran. Cantrell wrote this song to honor his father by telling a little story about his service in the Vietnam War. "Rooster" was the name that he went by in Vietnam.

My father, Marine Corp Vet in 'nam, explained this to me without an inquiry when we were listening to the song. He said like 1 out of comments previous that Rooster was nickname for the M gunner of a platoon. He said they were cocky and had a strut to them chaibs needed to be cocky as an M threw out heavy fire, but would take heavy fire as well.

He thinks Rooster is an incredible song and thanked me for being into good yb back in the day :. Actually in an interview Jerry Cantrell said that 'Rooster' was his fathers nickname as a kid growing up in the south.

The song was written as a tribute to his fathers experience in Vietnam and I'm thinking that the lyrics "they've come aong snuff the rooster" and "you know he ain't gonna die" relate to his father facing death constantly in Vietnam, and his will to live. Jerry Cantrell's father may still wake up sometimes thinking about Vietnam. It was also a very aobut war so the lyrics "They spit on me in my home roostr could refer to the treatment he received by anti-war citizens of the US.

I agree with the Rooster meaning that squad but I differ in what fish do sharks eat of everyone's opinion.

Jerry's dad did serve in Vietnam and use to tell jerry stories of the horrible things he had seen. The Rooster is symbolic for America. The Marines carried a flag with an eagle on it. No eagles were in Vietnam but they were very active in rooster farming. Therefore, Vietnam soldiers thought the eagle was a rooster so every time they would attack they would say "It's time to snuff the Rooster" or it's time to kill the Americans. When the song says "Yeah they've come to snuff the Rooster.

Oh, here comes the Rooster. Jerry Cantrell's father, Jerry Cantrell Sr. Cantrell wrote this song to honor his father by telling a little story about his service in the Vietnam War. Jerry Cantrell Sr. Cantrell Sr. Thanks guys, you all did an awesome job!!! Joe,still alive!

Definitely a song about a different time with that old familiar tired song about war. About humanity that kills itself in the name of feeding the war machine. Politicians,power freaks,wall street. We are pawns or we are not American. So the song Rooster has a deeper meaning then what comes across to most people.

I had talked to my grandpa a Vietnam What is the song rooster by alice in chains about And he actually told me a lot about how this song moved him. He told me how So the song Rooster has a deeper meaning then what comes across to most people. He told me how the Rooster was a nickname for the gun M and how when it was night it light up when they shot and looked like a rooster tail. Ya'll are hilarious! It would be interesting to know IF the writers father was in the st?

Perhaps that's why he was nicknamed rooster? He bad mouthed what does ultraviolet light show us wrong person and was immortalized in this song. From the memories of "the man in the box". The true meanings of many alice in chains songs, are so made up sonb are funny, there is one person who knows it all, and everyone else believing what they've been told, but the truth is, it's all a pack of lies.

Isn't it guys? When you fire a long burst from a machine gun, the barrel tends to rise. Since their ammo belts have one tracer round after every four ball normal rounds it creates a "rooster tail" effect at night. So M60 gunners often earnes the nickname "rooster ". Army during the Vietnam War.

Jerry Cantrell has stated that his father, Cantrell, Sr. It is also often mistakenly attributed to the st Airborne Division - in which Cantrell's father served - who wore shoulder sleeve insignia on their arms featuring a bald eagle.

As there are no bald eagles in Vietnam, the closest thing tthe which the Vietnamese could draw a comparison was the roostef, thus leading to the pejorative "chicken men. Rooster is in this caregory. Don't everyone chaiins that a rooster is also an alarm clock remember the old cartoons where the sun would come out and the rooster would cock-a-doodle-doo. Therefore "snuffing the rooster" is "making sure that you don't wake up in the morning. People Look it up you'll find it.

Yes it's about a M60 gunner, Yes it's about Vietnam. No it doesn't have anything to do with Vietnamese people calling them chickens. No its not about M60 gunners being cocky.

The Rooster was his fathers nickname. The song is about his father. It was the start of their healing process. This is what I think the song means. Well the rooster is up at dawn and goes to sleep at dusk. So the soilders were up at dawn and went to sleep at dusk.

Thats why no one could snuff the rooster. You know he aint gonna die! Ok the rooster nickname for M60 gunners is true but the reasoning is more than the gunners being "cocky" it is given because when firing especially at night the tracer bullets ark in the air, closely resemble the long arched feathers of a rooster tail. Login Register Login with Facebook.

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Rooster by Alice In Chains: the video

Sep 29,  · It was written by Alice in Chains guitarist Jerry Cantrell for his father Jerry Cantrell Sr., who went by the nickname “Rooster” while serving with the U.S. Army during the Vietnam War. .

It is the fifth song on the original pressing of the album and sixth on others. Army during the Vietnam War. Cantrell would later name his music publishing company as Rooster's Son Publishing.

Both the studio and the demo version of the song were featured on the box set Music Bank Metal Hammer ranked "Rooster" at No. In the liner notes of 's Music Bank box set collection, songwriter Jerry Cantrell said of the song: "I think there's some vibe on the demo that maybe we didn't get here on Dirt , but this has something all of its own The "Rooster" nickname is often mistakenly attributed to a reference to men carrying the M60 machine gun "Walking tall machine gun men" , the muzzle flash from which makes an outline or pattern reminiscent of a rooster 's tail.

As there are no bald eagles in Vietnam , the closest thing to which the Vietnamese could draw a comparison was the chicken, thus leading to the pejorative "chicken men. Cantrell wrote the song while living at Chris Cornell and Susan Silver 's house in Seattle at the start of In the liner notes of 's Music Bank box set collection, Jerry Cantrell said of the song:. It was the start of the healing process between my Dad and I from all that damage that Vietnam caused.

This was all my perception of his experiences out there. The first time I ever heard him talk about it was when we made the video and he did a minute interview with Mark Pellington and I was amazed he did it. He was totally cool, totally calm, accepted it all and had a good time doing it. It even brought him to the point of tears. It was beautiful. He said it was a weird experience, a sad experience and he hoped that nobody else had to go through it. In a interview with Guitar for the Practicing Musician magazine, in response to the question "Do you feel you communicated with [your father] with this song?

He's heard this song. He's only seen us play once, and I played this song for him when we were in this club opening for Iggy Pop.

I'll never forget it. He was standing in the back and he heard all the words and stuff. Of course, I was never in Vietnam and he won't talk about it, but when I wrote this it felt right And I remember when we played it he was back by the soundboard and I could see him.

He was back there with his big gray Stetson and his cowboy boots — he's a total Oklahoma man — and at the end, he took his hat off and just held it in the air. And he was crying the whole time. This song means a lot to me. A lot. That experience in Vietnam changed him [his father] forever, and it certainly had an effect on our family, so I guess it was a defining moment in my life, too.

We left him. But on Rooster , I was trying to think about his side of it — what he might have gone through. It felt like a major achievement for me as a young writer. It meant a lot to him that I wrote it. It brought us closer. It was good for me in the long-run and it was good for him, too. Ned Raggett of Allmusic said that the song "[keeps] both the volume and the tenderness in play while tackling a slightly unexpected subject" and that it "alternates between almost dreamy verses, and surging, blasting choruses.

VH1 ranked the song at No. The music video for "Rooster" was released in February , [20] and was directed by Mark Pellington. Jerry Cantrell's father was a consultant on the video, as it explores Cantrell Jr. Cantrell Sr. The uncut more graphic version of the video is available on the home video release Music Bank: The Videos. The intense combat scenes for the video were actually filmed on location in Angeles National Forest in January and have been favorably compared to Oliver Stone's classic Vietnam War film Platoon.

Elliott, who is right-handed, had to learn how to handle multiple combat weapons left handed for the production in order to match the real Cantrell Sr. The military weapons and gear used and worn by the actors in the video are not all period-authentic. The M16A2 is used which was not used until the s , as well as the Nomex flight gloves which were not used until well into the Vietnam War. Dale Dye provided Elliott with some of his own personal combat gear which Dye had actually worn during multiple tours in Vietnam, including his military watch and map light, among other items.

Jon Gries's character is shown being shot in the chest during intense combat with North Vietnamese infantry troops and dying in the arms of Elliott's "Rooster" character in the final emotionally charged combat scenes of the video.

Also featured are scenes of a group of children playing with bubbles. Real life combat veterans have often commented about how moving and realistic these scenes were, yet MTV initially pulled the controversial video from rotation due to complaints about the graphic nature of the war scenes.

Alice in Chains performed an acoustic version of "Rooster" for its appearance on MTV Unplugged in and the song was included on the Unplugged live album and home video release. Live performances of the song can also be found on the " Heaven Beside You " single, the compilation album Nothing Safe: Best of the Box , and the live album Live. Jerry Cantrell reacts by throwing a bottle at Claypool and chasing him off the stage.

Jerry Cantrell often introduces his father on stage before playing the song at Alice in Chains' concerts. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article is about the Alice in Chains song.

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