What is the definition of tornado

what is the definition of tornado

Unsettled Weather in the West; Above Average Temperatures in the Central U.S.

Definition of tornado. 1 a: a violent destructive whirling wind accompanied by a funnel-shaped cloud that progresses in a narrow path over the land. b: a squall accompanying a thunderstorm in Africa. 2: a violent windstorm: whirlwind. 3 archaic: a tropical thunderstorm. Jul 31,  · Tornado definition, a potentially violent and destructive system of atmospheric circulation, characterized by a long, funnel-shaped cloud extending toward the ground and made visible by condensation and debris: although tornadoes have occurred on all continents except Antarctica, they are most common in the United States, especially in the area known as Tornado Alley.

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The sentence contains tofnado content. Cancel Submit. Your feedback will be reviewed. B2 a strong definitino, dangerous wind that forms itself into an upside-down spinning cone and is able to destroy buildings as it moves across the ground. You can also find related words, phrases, and synonyms in the topics: Precipitation: stormy weather. Want to learn more?

Examples of tornado. Iis speeds inside this eerie red eye have been measured at kilometers per hour mphfaster than a tornado. From Slate Magazine. Many technological improvements and policy changes, for instance, thw come after tornado devastation. From The Atlantic. The first tornado signature on radar formed at p. From MLive. The cilia looked like tree trunks thrown around by a tornado. From The New Yorker. But spirits are buoyed by good news, such as the recent story of a cat found alive by its owner 16 days after the tornado.

From Huffington Post. I understand your perspective, however, no one whzt earthquakes, tornado's and other natural teh with celestial beings and their awe. From TIME. The primary time for tornadoes, as we well know, is springtime. From CNN. Additionally, some of the damage may have been from wind, not tornadoes.

Her year-old son was the only one home when the tornado hit. From CBS News. But the direct hit of a massive tornado could have the same effect.

From Dallas Morning News. The tornado that struck on the day of the sinking was less than 1 kilometer wide, the administration said, according to state media. That storm could have produced a tornadohe said. Like, that's when the tornado siren started going off. From How to make your testicles sag. What happens when 24 people shut themselves in a beer cooler to wait out one of the strongest tornadoes in recorded history?

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Tornado - A violently rotating column of air touching the ground, usually attached to the base of a thunderstorm. Tornadoes are nature"s most violent storms. Spawned from powerful thunderstorms, tornadoes can cause fatalities and devastate a neighborhood in seconds. Winds of a tornado may reach miles per hour. tor·na·do. (tor-na?do) A violently rotating column of air ranging in width from a few yards to more than a mile and whirling at speeds estimated at miles ( kilometers) an hour or higher. A tornado usually takes the form of a funnel-shaped cloud extending downward out . The definition of tornado is a twirling, narrow funnel of wind with speeds of to miles per hour that can damage anything in its path.

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See more words from the same year. Tornado Alley. Accessed 26 Apr. More Definitions for tornado. See the full definition for tornado in the English Language Learners Dictionary. Nglish: Translation of tornado for Spanish Speakers. Britannica English: Translation of tornado for Arabic Speakers. What made you want to look up tornado? Please tell us where you read or heard it including the quote, if possible.

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Login or Register. Save Word. Definition of tornado. Examples of tornado in a Sentence in the path of a tornado. Recent Examples on the Web Another tornado that day killed two people in St.

Clair County. Jordan, Chron , "A so-called 'cold front' will leave Houston hot and wet," 7 Apr. First Known Use of tornado , in the meaning defined at sense 3. History and Etymology for tornado modification of Spanish tronada thunderstorm, from tronar to thunder, from Latin tonare — more at thunder entry 1. Keep scrolling for more.

Learn More about tornado. Time Traveler for tornado The first known use of tornado was in See more words from the same year. Style: MLA. English Language Learners Definition of tornado. Kids Definition of tornado. Comments on tornado What made you want to look up tornado?

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