What is sl class in indian railways

what is sl class in indian railways

Classes of Travel on Indian Railways Trains Explained

Sleeper Class (SL), the most popular and common coach in Indian Railways. It has 72 berths divided into 9 cabins in normal coaches and 80 berths in Duranto coaches. This coach does not have Air condition but has sleeper berths. First Class AC (1AC), is the most expensive and luxurious accommodation that the Indian Railway offers. May 30,  · Sleeper Class (SL) This is the commonly booked class in Indian train. Most of the trains have 10 or more coaches assigned for this class. These classes have three berths horizontally and two along the length, in each sections. Around 72 people can travel in one coach. This is one of the loud classes in the mesmmdaten.comted Reading Time: 4 mins.

This coach does not provide the facility of sleeping, there are no berths. Passengers need to travel on the chairs. Thus, quite okay for hours journey however, passengers do travel for overnight journeys too. This coach has same seating arrangement as of CC, but this does not have the AC facility and has bench style seats. This is generally preferred for day travel.

This can carry passengers. This is the widely used coach being used. It has either 72 seats in normal trains or 78 seats Duranto trains with 6 seats on one side and 2 seats on opposite side. This is a budget friendly coach for the major category of passengers. This is the most comfortable and air-conditioned coach as far as privacy is concerned in Indian trains as well as this is the most expensive coach, sometimes costlier than the air fare too.

Bedding are included in the fare. This has either 18 or how to make a water bottle lanyard seats. Food, beverages are sometimes included in the fare, depending upon the train you are traveling in. Berths are for night and seats are for the day. This is another air-conditioned and comfortable coach with berths. It can carry either 46 or 52 passengers.

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First AC (1A)

Aug 20,  · SL: Sleeper class. Berths for sleeping at night, seats by day. Berths for sleeping at night, seats by day. The number of seats is greater than the number of mesmmdaten.comted Reading Time: 5 mins. 8 rows · Oct 01,  · SL: Sleeper: Arguably the most popular class of travel, Sleeper has three .

With new and improved trains in India, number of people trying Indian trains for transportation and experience has increased.

Are you planning to book tickets in the trains? You have to choose one of the travel classes to book. Here is everything you need to know about railway classes. A: There are several classes of coaches that are available for Indian Railways. Out of them, there are the general chair cars and without reservation class coaches, with comfort level little low. With different classes of reservations as per the customer budget and level of comfort available, Indian Railways segregated 9 classes for travellers.

This is the most luxurious and expensive class in the railway system. The price of this class will be almost equal to air tickets. The berths are fitted with many amenities , personal coupes, carpets, entertainment elements and others. These facilities and amenities differ from train to train.

Four or two berths confined within a doored room is called coupe. The travelers can lock from inside. Certain trains like Duronto, Rajdhani and others provide special menu for this class. In some, washbasins are provided within the compartments. These are coaches with air-conditioned environment. Semi-privacy is guaranteed with thick curtains. There are just 6 berths in each of the compartment section no middle berths. Reading lights, pillows, bedsheets and other amenities are provided.

These look exactly like AC two-tier , but many amenities like curtains, reading lights and other will bemissing. Pillows and bedsheets are provided just like 2A and 1A. There are middle berths in each section.

The class can be a little crowded, when the middle berth is erect. This is why, people prefer the upper berth. This is similar to 1A, without air conditioning, bedding or special lighting. Many trains do not have this class. However, you can find these in a few heritage trains. The amenities are similar to second class.

There are not attenders. Thus, people preferred choosing third class over the expensive first class and this class has diminished. However, the compartments are very clean and reading lights are provided. Read more about the List of Heritage Trains in India.

These are found only in Garib Rath Express. These are air-conditioned coaches with curtains and better walking space. Bedding, reading lights and other facilities are not provided in this coach. There are 9 berths in each compartment, making it more congested. Bedrolls are provided for an additional charge.

This is a non-sleeper class with exclusive amenities. Each row will contain four chairs. The coaches are extra spacious and have good legroom. Usually, these coaches are used for day travel. These coaches are common in Shatabdi Express and Tejas Express trains. This class is also called as AC Executive class.

In certain trains like Shadabti Express, meals are included in the tariff. These are air-conditioned chair cars with five chairs in each row. These are used in trains for day-travel between two cities. Many premium trains provide these classes. Additional space is provided over-head for luggage storage. Thus, your legroom is not compromised. Small trays are attached to the chairs, just like airplane seat. These coaches are well maintained and hygiene.

This is the commonly booked class in Indian train. Most of the trains have 10 or more coaches assigned for this class. These classes have three berths horizontally and two along the length, in each sections. Around 72 people can travel in one coach. This is one of the loud classes in the train. You can find vendors venturing into the compartment, every five minutes.

Your privacy will be compromised. It is very similar to CC. The coach does not have air-conditioning. Double deck second seater coaches are found in trains running between Mumbai and Pune. People might even fight for comfortable seats. This is the worst class to choose during summer.

Here you can read the Different Types of Trains in India. This is the cheapest class of the train. The tickets issued are vaild for a day and the passenger can board the trains as they wish. The seats are not guaranteed and the crowd is extreme. Certain special classes are available in unique trains like heritage trains , luxury trains , toy trains and others. Your email address will not be published. Table of Contents hide. AC First Class 1A. AC Two-Tier 2A. AC Three-Tier 3A.

First Class FC. Executive Chair Car EC. Sleeper Class SL. Second Seater 2S. Leave a comment. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published.

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