What gauge strings does steve vai use

what gauge strings does steve vai use

Famous Artist’s Guitar String Gauges

Jul 30,  · It's who ever pays the most. Steve dont buy strings. I need a set of strings that will last at least a month. If i buy a set of d'addarios, i will break one every day without fail (usually the e string). I also play about 4 hrs. a day. But if i'm satriani i can use d'addarios and . Apr 14,  · The Official Steve Vai Website Message Boards. What strings and string gauge does Steve use? Discuss Steve's guitars, set-up and equipment here. This forum is not for discussing general guitar topics. 49 posts Why doesn't Steve use or higer, he's good enough and wouldn't the strings put out more sund and break less often.

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JavaScript is disabled. For a better experience, please enable JavaScript in your browser before proceeding. Famous players string gauges? Thread starter bigroy Start date Aug 22, Messages 1, I ddoes somewhere that Steve Haddaway what is love official music video used.

What gauge strings do some of the other big names use? How to make a homeschool portfolio Member. Flyin' Brian Silver Supporting Member. Messages 30, Mdd59 said:. HoboMan Gold Supporting Member. Messages 17, Flyin' Brian said:. Wow when did he change? MessagesI'm pretty sure that Eric Clapton and Richard Thompson use. Doesn't Billy Gibbons use. Didn't SRV often use. David Gilmour has his own custom set.

Reeltarded Member. The Reverend uses 8s. BB uses 8s, Yinyang uses 8's. I use 8s. Messages 3, Pepper Keenan uses Dean Markley. Messages 5, A-Bone said:. Angus uses 9s. Malcolm uses 12s or 13s. Messages 6, I'm surprised that Steve Howe used doea light strings, since his style in Yes involved very few string bends. Does anybody strlngs what Chuck Berry uses? Clapton has used Ernie Ball 10's for quite some time now.

I recall in the late 60's, and the 70's he was using 9's. Ddoes was a EC signature set made by Sound City that was something like. I would like to know what strings Jimi, used and Duane Allman?

HiddenCharms Member. Messages John Uze Silver Syeve Member. I'm surprised at how many. Pete Townsend used. Dickie Betts used. Polynitro Member. Messages 23, Last edited: Aug 23, Arcane-Inc Member. Tony Iommi:. Polynitro said:. I have a friend who was uwe of Albert's best buddies, and, though he doesn't talk specific gauges, he is a guitarist and told me that Albert strung his guitar with a weird combination of strings, tuned to an arbitrary tuning that he came up with while teaching himself to play.

He also said the strings were hard to bend, so I gather they were heavier than. Rock Johnson Member. Messages 4, Slash uses s Ernie Ball power slinkiesbut tuned down to Eb.

I'm also surprised whag how many people say they use 8s. I tried them once and hated them. I couldn't keep the guitar in tune for crap. Messages 8, You must log in or register to reply here. Trending Topics. Tonebender pedals - The most expensive pedal on the fewest boards? Started by deadletteroffice Yesterday at PM Replies: Amps and Cabs. Guitars in General. My friend's is twisted Started by mrpinter Tuesday at PM Replies: The Sound Hound Lounge.

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Jun 17,  · I've bounced around to most of the string manufacturers. I keep coming back to GHS Boomers. I still don't know how you guys get the life out of the strings. After about 12 hours, I can tell the difference. I dont have an exorbitant amount of breaks but the strings start to sound dead. When my Jem arrives, I'll start out with the Ernie Balls. Jun 12,  · Steve Vai And it is only logical to see one of Satriani's students, the young and talented Steve Vai, using light gauge strings. Of course, Vai is no longer that young, but he still often. Transcript. Steve Vai: When I'm playing and I'm just in the moment of just sitting and playing, there's a lot of freedom in my head and melodies, I love when I just play and the first thing that comes to mind just comes out, you know? And it's very liberating. Steve Vai: I was very young when I first kind of woke up to music. I think I was like four or five.

Choosing which guitar strings to use is one of the biggest decisions a guitarist can make regarding how their instrument plays, both in terms of tone and feel. As such, when faced with the prospect of picking out a new set of new strings, many guitar players, at some point in their career, will look towards their peers and musical influences for reference.

Be aware that most guitarists experiment with different gauges at some point or another, and rarely use the same exact brand or gauge of strings their entire career. For example, heavy gauge strings with loose tension feel and play more like a lighter gauge when tuned below standard tuning. Stevie Ray Vaughan. Buddy Guy. For C tuning, from high to low. Dimebag Darrell. Angus Young. Marty Friedman. Jerry Garcia.

However, of the players interviewed, many overwhelmingly stated that avoiding string breakage on stage was the primary reason for going with a heavier gauge. However, you again need to consider the source; Does the player favor a Stratocaster or Les Paul-style of guitar? Tuning down a whole step or more, for example, can easily make those.

Hopefully, this list helps quench, or at least entertain, that momentary thirst for this particular topic of guitar-lore. Notes to consider — This list was culled solely from authenticated sources i. Now without further ado… The list Stevie Ray Vaughan. Nancy Wilson. Download today for FREE! Blog Main Tags: Guitar.

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