What does sex feel like for a girl

what does sex feel like for a girl

Girls, what does a creampie feel like?

Sep 17,  · The majority of women need clitoral stimulation in order to climax. Here's how 15 women on Reddit described the feeling of sex, from the perspective of a person with a vagina. "It's a feeling of. May 10,  · When someone asks "What does sex feel like for a girl" maybe she just wants to know what orgasms feel? Scientifically, in the excitement phase of sex, muscle tension increases, the heart rate quickens, and breathing is accelerated. Your nipples become hardened or erect, and blood flow to the vagina increases.

Wondering what does sex feel like? Men, women, transgender and non-binary people explain what sex really feels like for what does sex feel like for a girl. Going slow and deep is magnificent. Just oike so far inside her, pulling back, and slowly sliding balls-deep again feels goddamn amazing. I felt the stings for a while, every dose time. It felt like a needle scraping. After a few months, it became less noticeable as the IUD will settle into place and the string will soften. After that I might feel it on occasion.

She likes it better than taking q pill every day or wearing condoms," says PrettyLunaGuardian. Didn't feel it missionary then she got the wire cut shorter and How long to cook a thawed whole chicken haven't felt it since," HarryVW adds.

It's usually up to the guy to make it interesting or try likke position that works for the both of you. If he has a good stroke game it feels pretty good. The only way I can describe sex is that feeling you get when you rub your belly button really hard and your crotch tingles, but something is inside of you," says HourRelationship. If you are in the mood it's intense and gives you tingles all the way up into your stomach, all about blood flow," says one Reddit user.

What differs is that the vagina is much better how to strap a water heater your hand due to lubrication, warmth and the grip. It's not as tight as you would think. Initially it is. You might even have trouble putting your penis into the vagina initially but the vagina adapts in size.

Then it's not that tight any more. Finally, sex has the advantage of the emotional foreplay or stimulation because it's a person as opposed to just your hands," says Sheldor The first few times were fumbly, but after that, it was like I'd been doing it the whole time. You know, the whole bike analogy," says Kendarlington.

Just use the right amount of lube. Too much and it gets messy," says speete. Sex lasts longer so we got that going," says lkie. Then, it feels like you have to pee right badly, then you just let go and cum. It feels like peeing, but there's a definite difference.

I've not managed to convince my bum to relax enough to bottom and have someone cum in me [yet]. No weird stories from dies, as of now. Advice: lubricate," says Stephthepig. It feels different Lube helps a lot. I can orgasm, and it is nice. The orgasm does feel different. It takes me longer to get there. The orgasm itself is much more intense than what I used to have," says thatdarnmiqote. It's a feeling of fullness and pressure. We got it lucky, cause there's even the afterwards feeling of strolling around feeling like you've been fucked You feel empty in a good way.

Woaah, I just found out that it's very hard to describe the feeling of being screwed," says zofo. Clit for me. He's got a Prince Doe penis piercing.

He has never had any negative issues. Not sure what benefit he gets from it, besides the obvious added attention. It actually makes blow jobs somewhat more difficult for me, because he was a big boy already and the ring isn't small so For me, I went from awful sex life to amazingpartially from the clit piercing.

I have a vertical bar with a slight curve to it like for an what is the best ovulation predictor kit to use. My first marriage was 14 years, I had more kids than orgasms.

Divorced, got the piercing, met the man who ended up being my second husband. Holy fuck, there is no comparison! Sex is amazing now. I'm giving my hubby most of the credit, but I think the piercing has made a difference as well. Increased sensitivity in general, but it also provides clit stimulation with contact that is less direct," says evilkaty.

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Oct 10,  · Scientists know that sex is a pleasurable experience for most women. They say there’s a lot going on in the body that makes sex feel good. Feelings of pleasure are linked to physical and. Jul 17,  · What sex feels like according to a woman who has sex with men "From a girl's perspective it just feels like something big is just inside of you wiggling about (if he has no stroke game). How does a dick feel? amazing haha."- @Alexasexa "So hard to describe because it’s an opening dudes just don’t have. If you imagine the vagina is like an inverted penis, os physiologically, it’s kind of like that, then the feeling of nice strokes on your dick are essentially what .

What does it feel like for a woman to have a man inside of her? That is a loaded question because my first response would be to say that it feels wonderful. But I know the readers want more details, so here it goes. First, I feel pressure as the penis begins to push inside of my vagina entrance.

Then there is a feeling of momentary pain mixed with intense pleasure as the penis begins stretching open the vagina lips for the first time. If he goes slow enough, the intense pleasure of this unique feeling generally will make me moan in pure delight. Then, once his penis goes deeper that feeling is followed by warmth as the penis goes in deeper and deeper.

Again, the slower he is the better it feels. During these moments of first entry, I usually have an overall feeling of fullness, warmth, and an intense feeling of closeness with the man. And if he is looking into my eyes while making first entry then what I just described doubles.

At that moment he totally owns me and I am his to do as he pleases. I can only compare it to putting salt onto something salty, as the combined tastes make for a very unique taste as the salt draws the flavor out of the sugar. My vagina has a full sensation and the warmth of his penis feels so wonderful the deeper it goes.

But baring a man pulling out of me, what I most love about deep thrusting is the sensation as my pleasure begins growing and growing towards an orgasm.

My vagina is being stretched by the penis and if he hits my clitoris just right the pleasure is even more intense and will bring me quicker to an orgasm. And finally, if he is able to bring me to an orgasm the explosion of pleasure is made better by the feeling of his penis going deep and hard. And if he looks me in the eyes while I orgasm my closeness to him goes up ten fold. Feeling his penis get even harder, the warms of his semen as it pulsates out of his body and into mine, and watching his face during those few moments when he is in an almost different reality.

And if he is a tried, true, and experienced lover he knows that he needs to hold me, cuddle, me, smile at me in the aftermath of our intimacy. There is nothing else that matters at the moment. So, if he spends the night with me holding and placing his hand over my tummy where his seed is churning around underneath his hand, I can go to sleep totally satisfied as I fall asleep in the arms of this man who has taken me on a journey and is now resting with me until morning.

I love how you describe that first moment when his head parts us. I feel that lovely warmth of his penis touching me for just that slight, gentle moment before he leans inward. The sensation of his shaft gliding in except when I might be a little dry, that can be uncomfortable. When he exhales over me and I inhale his breath, I am taking more than his penis into my body. When a man releases inside of me, I feel a burst of energy almost on a spiritual level as his life-giving force is electric inside.

The sensation of his penis pulsating as my vagina engulfs his shaft is pure heaven and sends be over the top. Not always, by I often experience orgasms when the penis is pulsating inside of me.

The sense of his weight feels comforting and my tightness surrounding penis helps to maintain a semi-erect condition leaving me feeling full. Like Liked by 1 person. I think a lot of men are like me, we are so curious how a woman feels during sex. It fascinated me when I was lying next to my wife while she had a lover between her legs. Watching her respond to the sensations she was having, I was so turned on and if we could have done a Vulcan mind melt and I could have felt what she was feeling… that would have been heaven.

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