What are the main causes of crime in nigeria

what are the main causes of crime in nigeria

10 common crimes in Nigeria and their causes

Economic deprivation and poverty are among of the main causes of crimes in the country. There are cases when people are forced to make some illegal actions in order to survive. Family conditions; This reason is related to poverty. A difficult situation in the family, the absence of love and attention cause criminal mesmmdaten.comted Reading Time: 2 mins. May 30,  · Causes of common crimes in Nigeria. Poverty and unemployment ; Photo: mesmmdaten.com Economic deprivation and poverty are among of the main causes of crimes in the country. There are cases when people are forced to make some illegal actions in order to survive. Family conditions ; This reason is related to mesmmdaten.comted Reading Time: 2 mins.

How safe is our country? We hope that the knowledge about current situation will help you to avoid unpleasant cases related to illegal activities. Such crimes harm the economic situation in the state or whole country. Examples of such crimes: tax evasion, illegal oil bunkering, pipeline vandalism.

Such crimes are related to illegal use of financial instruments, for example, drafts, cheques or money orders. This is a kind of a crime in which a swindler with the help of pretence information hoodwinks a victim to make some upfront payment on a contract, business deal, marriage or romance.

This is a kind of crime in which an illegal wealth is claimed to be legitimate. Issues and side effects of early marriage in Nigeria. This is an act of violence in order to attain ideological, political or religious goals.

This is a kind of crime with the use of any electronic device. A sexual act against his or her will. Another one among most common crimes in Nigeria. Unfortunately, there how to prevent oily face and acne still many cases of police violence, injustice and corruption.

Many innocent Nigerians receive punishment and suffer rudeness of the police. Sometimes police officers commit crimes themselves and remain unpunished. This is a crime of giving someone money in order to get an illicit advantage, or an abuse of position in order to get undue advantage. Of course, this kind of crime is in top ten. Among all the crimes in Nigeria, this one is ubiquitous, even at highways, there are a lot of robbery cases.

Top 5 causes of the current religious crisis in Nigeria and possible solutions. Economic deprivation and poverty are among of the main causes of crimes in the country. There are cases when people are forced to how to see history of commands in unix some illegal actions in order to survive.

This reason is related to poverty. A difficult situation in the family, the absence of love and attention cause criminal behaviour. Young people often commit a crime just because their peers do so. The influence of a bad company is usually very strong. Because of illegal substances, a person becomes cruel and indifferent, he or she easily can commit a crime under the influence of illegal substances.

Sometimes politics use armed young people to make some illegal actions in political interests. Unfortunately, there is still a problem of the conflict between some communities in Nigeria. Terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria: causes and effects. Another common reason for violence, some religious groups are very aggressive in relation to people of other religion.

Here is our list, the whole situation in the country is not so safe, however, the development of the country, and the reforms favourably reduce the level of illegal activities. Read also Issues and side effects of early marriage in Nigeria. Read also Top 5 causes of the current religious crisis in Nigeria and possible solutions.

Read also Terrorism and insecurity in Nigeria: causes and effects. Hot: Google owner Italian last names ankara styles Johnny cash first wife Cool anime guy.

Let us now attempt to look at some of the main causes of crimes:-

Ribadu (), stated that the prominent forms of cyber crime in Nigeria are cloning of websites, false representations, internet purchase and other e – commerce kinds of fraud. Olugbodi (), states that the most prevalent forms of cyber crime are website cloning, financial fraud, identity theft, credit card theft, cyber theft. Root causes of Human trafficking contd. Conflicts: World Bank report showed that more than billion people live in countries affected by violent conflict. Conflict is a push factor for trafficking, migration and mesmmdaten.com Nigeria prone conflict zone, Boko Haram trafficked . Weak/fragile laws regarding cyber criminals Urbanization; Urbanization is one of the causes of cyber exist in Nigeria, unlike in the real world where criminals crime in Nigeria: it is the massive movement of people from such as armed robbers are treated with maximum penalties. rural settlement to cities.

Every country has her fair share of security challenges, but when the state of insecurity rises by the day, then there is need for urgent action. This has been the situation in Nigeria in recent years and this posts addresses 10 problems of security in Nigeria and possible solutions. First, worthy of note is the fact that for a long time Nigeria has played an important role in global security by constantly contributing troops for international peacekeeping missions.

Internally however, Nigeria suffers from so many security challenges and peace is just another far-fetched word for her citizens, in some areas mostly, who constantly live in a state of panic.

The problems of Nigeria security cannot be overemphasized. In this article, we will seek to give indepth explanation to the flowing queries:.

There is a high level of unemployment in Nigeria , especially amongst the youth. So many graduates flooding the streets seeking employment within the country. These employment opportunities are lacking resulting in too many young people being jobless and without means of livelihood.

The frustration that results from this and the need for survival makes the youth vulnerable to manipulation into committing crimes even for very little pay. Others pick up guns and resort to robbery, kidnapping for ransom and other violent acts just to get by. The ethnic divide in Nigeria has been more of a curse than much else to the nation. Since her independence, many of the issues Nigeria has had to deal with all stem from this.

The multi-ethnic state of Nigeria has caused a lack of cordiality, suspicion, fear and some very violent confrontations between groups as seen in the Movement for the Actualization of the Sovereign State of Biafra MASSOB and the Fulani herdsmen attacks.

These are just examples of the numerous groups that arise from ethnic divide and in trying to fight their cause have had casualties due to violence. Nigeria has very porous frontiers where movement of individuals are largely untracked. The result of this is smuggling of weapons, drugs and other equipment that all promote violence into the country. These weapons become available to militant and criminal groups, enabling them to cause mayhem.

The porosity of Nigerian borders also allows an inappropriate influx of immigrants from neighbouring countries like Republic of Niger, Republic of Benin and Chad who sometimes turn out to be miscreants used to perpetrate crimes.

The violent extremism of various terrorist groups in Nigeria in recent years remains a major cause of insecurity in the country. Stemming from discontentment, ethnic and religious superiority, separatist agenda and the likes, different militant groups have emerged and are causing serious havoc in various parts of the country.

They have employed tactics such as suicide bombing, kidnapping, sabotage of oil facilities, vandalization, and other means that all result to destruction of property and loss of lives.

Boko Haram and the Movement for the Emancipation of Niger Delta MEND are two of the major groups and whatever the reasons for their actions continue to pose a problem of security in Nigeria.

Failure on the side of the government is a major cause of the state of insecurity in Nigeria. Crime rate only grows in such a situation and the government still fails to curb these crimes. Law and order proves unobtainable. Granting amnesty to the Niger Delta militants and deploying military personnel to combat Boko Haram are moves that have helped but these problems persist or resurface due to inefficiency of the government.

When it comes to weapons, it seems as if the perpetrators of criminal acts are better equipped than most security agencies in Nigeria. Inadequate equipment for security personnel results in poor disposition to tackle criminals. Asides equipment, the expertise to handle crime scenes is lacking in the majority of security personnel, some of whom joined the force due to unemployment and not to fight crimes.

The masses have lost faith in the security agencies and in many cases take matters into their own hands as seen in jungle justice cases around the country.

Corruption is a term very commonly associated with government officials in Nigeria. Stealing public funds has become a norm. In a bid to get into or stay in power, some of them fund terrorist groups as there is usually a political undertone to the activities of these groups. Gubernatorial candidates mostly, have been known to create armies of political thugs during election periods and this usually results in election violence. The rate of poverty in Nigeria is quite alarming and the result of this is an increase in petty crimes, gang membership, and other social vices that add to the problem of security in the country.

The disparity in development of regions of the country is one of the major causes of insecurity in Nigeria. There is a feeling of partiality and marginalization amongst some ethnic groups in Nigeria due to the imbalance in development of various states.

This causes dissatisfaction and grievance in the people occupying such regions hence the employment of violence to get the attention of the government.

This is one of the agitations that necessitated restructuring in Nigeria. History bears record of a time when the traditional value system of the Nigerian society as multi-ethnic as it is, was characterized by collectivism, loyalty to local authority and community, hard work, mutual harmony and coexistence, abhorrence for theft, and high value for life.

A time when guns were meant for hunting animals and cutlasses or machetes for farming. Most of these communal values which made society safe and made citizens feel secure have been lost gradually over time and since the penetration of western culture. In the face of these security challenges, economic growth and development cannot be sustained. To restore peace and security in Nigeria, critical actions must be taken.

The state of insecurity in Nigeria calls for a leadership that is unbiased, detribalized, and non-religious fanatic that will look beyond championing the cause of tribe or religion and focus on the wellbeing of the entire citizenry of the country. T here is a great need to accelerate the pace of development in Nigeria. This involves creating an economy with relevant social, economic and physical infrastructure to provide gainful employment, educational facilities, medical care, good roads, electricity and other basic amenities all across the country.

Expend adequate fund to purchase gadgets that can track perpetrators of crimes and also, employ means to detect and investigate threats of terrorism at the earliest possible stage. The dissatisfaction that arises from this will be eliminated and crime rates minimized.

Ensuring a safe environment is the responsibility of everybody; the government, security agencies, civil society, religious heads, community heads, and individuals. Companies also have to carry out their corporate social responsibilities. Policies that tackle the issues confronting the vast majority of the populace have to be authorized and implemented. Human development programmes that instil patriotism and unity among citizens will also minimize the security problems in Nigeria.

A people that care about each other and their country generally will not resort to the destruction of lives and property no matter their grievance. As earlier stated, security is the responsibility of every citizen, though the bulk of the work rests in the hands of the government who controls the resources of the nation.

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