How to unlock family settings on xbox 360

how to unlock family settings on xbox 360

How to reset the pass code for parental controls on the Xbox 360

Dec 19,  · We need to unlock the family settings on our Xbox We have forgotten both the passwords and the question to reset the passwords. Is there any other way to get this unlocked? Thanks for your help. FishingGuy This thread is locked. You can follow the question or vote as helpful, but you cannot reply to this thread. Sign in to your Microsoft account and go to the Devices tab. Locate your registered Xbox console and select Show Details. Select Manage, select Reset passcode, and then follow the instructions to reset your pass code. Did this resolve the issue?

In addition to playing games, the Xbox provides your child with access to the How to make simple chicken pie, media downloads, online games and other activities which make parental control responsibilities more difficult. Thanks to the parental controls that are provided by with the unit, controlling your child's access is made easier.

Many games contain violent and inappropriate content. The Xbox contains family settings which can be customized to control what games your child can xnox both on the Internet and offline, as well as media downloads, and access to Xbox LIVE.

You can lock and unlock these settings via a password to prevent your child from viewing inappropriate content. The Xbox family settings include being able to select the games that your child can play by setting the game ratings which range from early childhood to mature.

The settings also identify xbos for movies, television shows, and other media. If you want to control the amount of time your child spends playing games, there is a family timer that you set for daily or weekly activity. The pass code allows adults to unlock the timer whenever they want to use the console. In addition inlock blocking your child's access to inappropriate game content offline, it is important to program the family settings for Xbox LIVE.

Xbox Sttings is a service tl is integrated with Xbox and allows access to television shows, movies, arcade games, and game downloads from the online marketplace. The service also allows your child to compete with other gamers on the Internet. Xbox LIVE Family Settings allow you to control access to content in the online environment and set different levels of access for playing online gamesfriend's list sharing, online communications, and content downloads from the Xbox LIVE marketplace.

When the account is set up it will request the person's age, which will o whether or not it will apply Family Settings to the account. Your Windows Live ID is connected to your child's account and prevents your child from changing the settings.

Friend's List Sharing is another element of Xbox that you should be aware of. This is a way for your child to interact with their friends and the list can be viewed by fzmily people who are online. Ssttings can change these settings so only friends can view the list or you can block it altogether. You settnigs also change the settings to control who your child unlocm with online. Before a person is added to their friend's list you can set the controls so the request has to be approved by you.

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Xbox Family Settings app

Apr 13,  · Keep doing it it will work I have done it my self. Unlock now in 3 easy steps how to unlock parental controls on xbox from AT&T, T-Mobile, Verizon, Rogers, Fido, Bell, O2, any carrier | Unlock phone & Unlock Codes updated /5(). Here is what to do if you buy a console and it has family settings on: 1. Register the product on at the [ Register or Signin to view external links. ] (If the site shows a fault, just gather the information I list and start a chat and the rep will do it for you) 2.

Log In Sign Up. Keep me logged in on this device Forgot your username or password? Don't have an account? Sign up for free! I got a used X-Box and I am having trouble with the parental controls.

How can I deal with the Parental Controls? I have recently bought a X-Box from a pawn shop unfortunately the system had Parental Controls set in so I am unable to play M-rated games unless I can figure out the password.

I contacted the store where I bought the game from but they are unable to contact the person whom originally gave them the console about what is the parental control password for the system. Is there any way I can handle the situation here preferably without removing all the save data from the games that I can play? User Info: Pokejedservo. Accepted Answer. That code didn't work for me but I found out that the reset code that is needed for your system is different for each system. So in other words I found out that one needs to contact Microsoft's Tech Support and they will help you figure out the proper Reset Code that will work with your system.

Other Answers. If I recall, your post is about 10 years old and you may have solved your problem. So I send this out to anyone encountering this design flaw. I mean really, no one considered the notion of xboxes being sold with the previous onwner's settings still intact? Anyway, I went thru youtube vids of that listed possible controller moves and the list is very long.

I ended up calling Microsoft support, thinking all the while how much I hate contacting them. To my surprise, it was a very low key, good-natured experience. It took awhile, so be patient. The individual I talked asked a bunch of questions followed by waiting for him to work thru my problem on his computer and eventually, he came up with the code to unlock the parental controls. It was worth the time spent on the phone versus slogging thru youtube vids. I've never had any problems since.

So make that call. User Info: bartok Found this on another website. User Info: b2trumpet. Sign Up for free or Log In if you already have an account to be able to ask and answer questions.

Question Status Forgotten password, pass code, and pass code question on parental controls for black Xbox ? Answered How do i dis-activate parental control problem? Answered Which type of is the best deal? Answered Help with ipod trouble.?. Answered I'm having trouble updating? Ask A Question. Keep me logged in on this device. Forgot your username or password? Forgotten password, pass code, and pass code question on parental controls for black Xbox ?

How do i dis-activate parental control problem? Which type of is the best deal? Help with ipod trouble.?. I'm having trouble updating?

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