How to transition from bottle to sippy cup for milk

how to transition from bottle to sippy cup for milk

Bye-Bye Bottle: How to Transition From Bottle to Cup

Apr 08,  · This is why parents are encouraged to transition their baby from a bottle to a cup around 12 months of age. We do not recommend cups that contain a “sippy spout”. We prefer open cups and straw cups as they naturally create an elevated tongue posture, which often leads to . Mar 20,  · The first step is to begin by using a cup that is similar to your child’s regular bottle. Once your little one has got used to this cup, you should switch to a cup which is halfway between a sippy and a bottle, then finally, you can switch to a proper sippy cup with a rim.

Like many pediatricians, ours recommended weaning Avvie off of formula and onto whole milk at 12 months. For reference, she was drinking around 24 ounces of formula a day, four times a day, up until then. So now, she has one when she wakes up around AM or 8AM, another right before her second nap around 2PM and her bedtime bottle right before bed around PM.

There's how to get data from a hard drive no rush to transition exactly at a year and since she had a cold and her first birthday party in the first few weeks, I opted to wait until she was healthy and we had no events where projectile vomiting tramsition verboten.

I was planning on gradually mixing formula with whole milk over a series of days, but then I ran out of formula. And since I'm that obnoxious New York mom that orders Holle onlineI decided just to go cold turkey with the milk. Our pediatrician also recommended cutting out the bottle soon after 12 months, but I didn't want to hit her with the double whammy of sippy cup and milk at the same time.

Surprisingly, once the milk was warmed cold milk was and still is a definite no for hershe gulped down the whole bottle like a champ. I'd say that was around Cutting out the bottles, however, has been much, much tougher.

First of all, there are fo too many options. You have your cups that transition from nipple to sippyyour regular sippyyour straw cupyour cupand even your straw-like cup without an interior straw. Don't forget, the wrong cup can result in your child having speech impediments for life! Do you need all of these contraptions? But tto I buy all of them and then some?

Now, to be fair, it wasn't like I just cruised the aisles at Buy Buy Baby and loaded up on dozens of cups. I just kept trying new ones after she refused to drink aippy milk out of whatever latest "miracle" cup I'd just ordered. And, in case you're wondering, she had no problems drinking water out of any of these, and no problem drinking milk out of a bottle.

The problem was drinking milk out of anything that wasn't her beloved Dr. Some moms advised me to go cold turkey transituon any bottlw and just wait it out until how to clean canvas shoes got the hang of it, but she's such a tiny person I don't think she's ever been above 10th percentile for weighttrsnsition that made me ho wee ho nervous. Instead, there were just a lot of frustrating mornings where she would fountain-spit milk onto herself, me, the cats, the hoa We went through outfits and bibs like she was a newborn again.

This story does have a happy ending though! She prefers transitioj drink from it like a bottle i. I shouldn't have been surprised that it was an Oxo product, as pretty much everything I've bought from them -- whether for adults or babies -- is pretty rad.

Their peelers! Their how to pair apple tv remote Is this cup orthodontist-safe? I have no clue and, frankly, I don't care. It's durable, easy to clean, and she uses it. Speaking of cleaning, the best tip I received from a few mil, was to reserve straw cups for water and more traditional sippys for milk.

The reason? And whole milk seems to stink a lot more than formula or skim. Are you guys going through this too? Share your horror stories or happy endings!

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Jun 19,  · Bottles to sippy cups: I was really not looking forward to this transition. The bottle had been our crutch, you know? Sometimes it was the only thing that could calm her down if she woke up screaming. But, it had to be done! Buy sippy cups. We use the 10 oz. Tommee Tippee Explora Lil Sippee cups (with handles and without). They leak. Mar 26,  · Our pediatrician also recommended cutting out the bottle soon after 12 months, but I didn't want to hit her with the double whammy of sippy cup and milk at the same time. Surprisingly, once the milk was warmed (cold milk was and still is a definite no for her), she gulped down the whole bottle .

I'm a mom, marketer, and writer. My current passions include writing about and reviewing toys and really anything that has to do with kids. Learn how to make the transition from a bottle to a sippy cup easier for both you and your child. Also, get recommendations on sippy cups to try. Photo by Nathan Dumlao on Unsplash. The bottle to sippy cup transition can be a scary change for babies and parents!

Somewhere towards the end of baby's first year, most parents start moving from a bottle to a sippy cup. However, I haven't met too many parents who didn't worry about the transition. After all, babies and children in general thrive on routine—it's natural to wonder if throwing a new element into the mix is going to disrupt that. Making the leap doesn't have to cause undue stress. It's just a matter of finding out what works best for both you and your little one.

This three-step plan I call it the "sippy cup secret" worked very well for me; perhaps these easy steps will get your baby drinking from a sippy cup in no time! Making the transition to a sippy cup may be easier than you expect! I know I wasn't ready for a sippy cup just yet! The only reason I wanted to move my son from a bottle to a sippy cup when I did is because his daycare required it; I certainly was in no hurry to make the transition.

He had just moved from the infant to the toddler class most babies transition to this class just before or just after they turn one year old , and all children must move from a bottle to a sippy within 30 days. I won't lie—I panicked. We had tried a sippy cup here and there before to no avail; he liked them OK but more so for chewing than for drinking.

I should've known better, since I've worried like this before. About six months prior, I had to break him off the best newborn swaddle I'd found, simply because he got far too big for it. I wasn't ready. I assumed he wasn't ready. I took off a few days of work and prepared for the worst, sure that I wouldn't be getting any sleep for awhile.

I laid him down that night, with arms free, and waited. And waited. The cries never came. I watched him on the monitor, wonderfully stretched out and peaceful-looking, until I fell asleep that night. The next thing I knew, it was morning and I wondered why I obsessed for nothing.

Often, when we as parents aren't ready for something, our not-so-little babies have different plans. The "sippy cup secret" helped me to panic less and enjoy the transition more. The lineup I used to transition from bottle to sippy. From left to right in the photo above, here are the sippy cups I tried as I weaned my son from bottles which, by the way, were the Playtex Drop Ins Bottles. It didn't—my son LOVED to chew on it, but he didn't understand that you had to tip it back to get anything out of it.

We tried this one for many months, thinking he would surely get it eventually, but he never did. I wondered if he only saw the colorful container and not the "white" of the milk and that was throwing him off. I then tried the Tilty Sippy Cup, since it got excellent reviews and was available in a clear cup. He actually did try to drink from this one, but this cup is a bit more advanced and doesn't have a valve; therefore, it was messy, to say the least. He did at least try it, so I was encouraged.

Actually, my daycare recommended it as well, explaining that soft straws were the next step for babies who didn't respond to the more elementary sippies. We struck out here as well. The straw was completely foreign to him, and using it meant he had to master an entirely different skill he had not even experienced yet.

The sucking concept with this type of sippy cup was completely different from a bottle—plus, he didn't understand not to tip the cup. It finally clicked for me, and the "sippy cup secret" just about landed in my lap: Simply change one aspect of the sippy cup at a time so you don't overwhelm your child. We would be able to wean him from the bottle, after all! Below are details about the brands of cups I used during each step, how they worked for my son, and what I liked about them.

Since I had a bit of success with the clear sippy cup I'd tried, I knew if I could give him something similar to a bottle, he'd probably at least try it out and take a drink. The Nuby staged bottle is great because it has a bottle top—so it's familiar to your child—but it also has removable handles to get him or her used to a sippy cup.

Admittedly, I had to fool my baby into trying this. I started with his normal bottle, then quickly did a bait-and-switch with this one mid-feeding. He sucked for a bit, realized what was going on, and somewhat freaked out, but only for two seconds. He realized he was too hungry to fight it, and after all, it is sort of a bottle—success! We used this one for several weeks, and midway through we took off the removable handles so he could get used to the curved body that most sippies have. Just like I did with the first sippy, I only wanted to change a few minor variables as I moved to the next step in bottle weaning.

The spout is also a close match to the previous spout, except it's slightly oblong. This gets your baby's mouth used to something slightly different while still being familiar and not-so-scary. The first time he placed it in his mouth, he was confused, but he got over it very quickly—I was amazed! A lot of parents stop at step two, but I wanted to take it one step further. Since the ultimate goal is to transition from a sippy cup to a real cup, a rimmed sippy cup is the next logical choice.

These NUK cups have a stay-tight lid that doesn't leak. I like that the valve is easily removed, too; when the time comes, I can take that out and he'll learn to drink without a "stopper," therefore getting us very close to drinking from a real cup. We made the transition from bottle to sippy cup rimmed in about three weeks. Sometimes weaning from the bottle works for some drinks but not others. Many parents report that their babies or toddlers will take a sippy cup with anything other than milk—but once milk is put into it, feeding time becomes a sob-fest.

These tried-and-true tips just might work for you. I'm one of those that can't get my 14 month old to drink milk from a sippy cup. She actually throws it on the ground once she tastes it and pushes it away.

But she drinks just fine when it is water or juice in the sippy. I think I may have to just tough it out and go cold turkey and just throw the bottles away. Not looking forward to it though! Thanks for the tips! I now working on "sippy"to "big girl" cup.

Any suggestions? Thanks for the tips on transitioning from bottle to sippy cup. I am now wanting to work on "sippy" to "big girl cup" what all has worked for you? Great advice here. My daughter used sippy cups for water and juice but went straight from the bottle to a glass at 1 year! It took her ages to finish her milk while someone fed it to her, but it was worth it in the end.

My babies are both past 30, but we used sippy cups. At the time, there wasn't such a huge variety to chose from. We had Tupperwear cups that a sippy lid fit, and since this also predated the many varieties of travel mugs, I used the same sippy lid for my car cup, so it was just natural that the kids wanted to be like Mommy and drink from a sippy cup.

I don't recall any issues, but it was a LONG time ago. I wish I'd had the benefit of great places like Squidoo when I was a young parent. It would have made my life so much easier. Wow, my youngest is 34 yrs old but I do remember his Sippy Cups but can't remember it being a big transition. Great page for young parents. This is such a helpful lens.

Know some friends that would have found this info really helpful when they were at this stage. And with a normal sleep pattern, you, my friend, must feel like a brand new woman!

LNAngel: Thanks soo much for the advice. I did more research and found out that it will be hard for the first days and then they start getting use to it. It has been a week and he is completely and officially off his bottle and uses his sippy cups regularly. He is also sleeping all night. I can honestly say because of his age, cold turkey and crying it out worked for me in a week. I have a sleeping schedule now and I am spending way more time with my baby now during the day instead of feeling tired sleepy and grumpy.

Advice gor anyone out there with the same problem. Thanks again. I'm sure you know that by this age, he wakes as you say out of habit and not out of hunger. Gently pat him on the back, then leave. This way he'll learn that he's only getting water and not milk.

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