How to stop your computer from talking to you

how to stop your computer from talking to you

Use dictation to talk instead of type on your PC

Mar 31,  · Clcik on Ease of Acess Center in the control panel screen and select Explore all Settings. c. Click on Make the computer easier to see. Uncheck the box labelled Turn on Narrator and then click Save. Apr 16,  · Donations beyond appreciated ~ If you somehow accidentally turned on the feature where your computer talks to you ab.

This product image provided by Amazon shows the Amazon Echo. Yes, voice technology is amazing. You can ask your phone a question. You can talk to your speaker system and book an Uber. With the right setup, your voice can lock the doors, dim the lights and change the thermostat.

All across America, people are embracing their oral fixation. As more manufacturers and developers jump onto the audio tracking bandwagon, you may wonder how much your devices are what is a helium flash. And what happens to the audio files they gather? Worst of all are the apps that use ultrasonic data to profile you. More about that later.

Some regular apps are designed to spy and report back recordings. Click here for five spy apps that could be watching and listening on your phone right now. Creeped out? If you're worried about the privacy risks of your smartphone's always-on microphone, here are tips for turning it off. When you install the Facebook app on your phone, it asks for access to your microphone. Because Facebook needs to record your voice when you shoot live video.

But some people are wary of this. That turns it off. Note that you can toggle the mic on and off for other apps, too. If you decide to shoot video later on, just return to those settings and re-establish the connection to your mic.

Is Amazon Echo always taloing Alexa is activated when it detects one of its wake words: "Alexa," "Amazon," "Computer" or "Echo. But before that happens, Alexa always has open ears, waiting hod be addressed. When activated, Alexa allows you to search the web, play music and control smart home devices you've added to your home network.

For example, with the right smart gadgets, you can turn off the lights in another room, lock the front door, turn up the thermostat, etc. The downside is that Amazon keeps an audio recording on its servers of every voice command you give to Alexa, along with a fraction of a second of audio before the wake word.

The recording ends after the command has been processed. I was surprised tl I checked my Amazon Echo recordings. You should take a moment and check your recordings.

Click here to learn how to hear all your Amazon Echo recordings, and how delete them too. If you turn this feature on, this means your iPhone's mic is always listening, waiting for the phrase "Hey Siri.

Apple says this is processed locally on your iOS device, and it does not start recording until it hears "Hey Siri. But that may still give you the willies. Every time you use "OK Google" or another voice-controlled function, your request is recorded and the snippets are saved to your Google account.

Luckily, Google introduced a new My Account tool that lets you access your recordings hour delete them if you want. You can also tell Google to stop recording your voice for good. Want a shocker? Finally, there is Cortana, the voice-activated system from Microsoft. The wake phrase is "Hey Cortana. Also just like the others, Cortana has raised some eyebrows. Brace yourself, because ultrasonic technology is hard to fathom.

Why would anyone want to collect these ultrasonic sounds? Because marketers can use the information to tailor their advertisements.

Marketers then pair browser cookies to track your atop across multiple devices. In fact, hundreds of Android apps are already using ultrasonic sounds to track user behaviors, including physical location and TV viewing habits.

Click here if you want to know more about this new tracking. In response, Google has announced that Android apps that use ultrasonic tracking will be banned or suspended. Developers will have to prove they adhere to Tl Play Store's updated privacy policies, which require developers to disclose an app's ultrasonic features and ask for permission before accessing your gadget's mic. So, if you're worried about ultrasonic tracking, check the permissions before you install an Android app.

Cutting off your microphone may give how to play satisfy my soul on guitar peace of mind, but remember: Disabling mics make speakers and virtual assistants much less useful. The ever-listening nature of these smart virtual assistants is what makes them compelling. Hopefully, developers will soon find a good compromise between security and ease of use.

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Single Use VBScripts

Oct 08,  · If so, there should be an icon on the Taskbar that looks like a monitor with a text baloon (like in a comic strip). Click on that icon and a dialog will open, the last item on that dialog will be "Exit Narrator". Click that and the Narrator will stop. Use dictation commands to tell you PC what to do, like “delete that” or “select the previous word.” The following table tells you what you can say. If a word or phrase is in bold, it's an example. Replace it with similar words to get the result you want. Oct 01,  · Yes, voice technology is amazing. You can ask your phone a question. You can talk to your speaker system and book an Uber. With the right setup, your voice can Author: The Kim Komando Show.

Join , subscribers and get a daily digest of news, geek trivia, and our feature articles. By submitting your email, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Intelligent machines capable of speech are often the stuff of futuristic sci-fi movies, but you can turn any computer into a chatty Cathy.

In , the first iteration of VBScript or Visual Basic Scripting Edition appeared and was still a very primitive version of what we have today. Over the years, the need for an easy to use and lightweight scripting language for Microsoft increased. Because of this, the company kept working on it and finally released it to the public in It is a simple script that uses COM Component Object Model to create, read, update, and delete files within Microsoft operating systems.

Since Windows 98 was released, it has been installed with every computer. It is highly versatile because of the fact that the VBScript host environment can be embedded within programs using Microsoft Script Control. After you have opened Notepad all you need to do is type in the following code or simply copy and paste it into the notepad window. Find a place where you want to save the image. For this example, I am saving it to an empty folder in the Downloads directory.

The important thing you need to do is give it a name that ends with. This will tell the computer that you are not saving a plain text file; rather, you are saving a VBScript. Now you can go ahead and close the notepad and navigate to the folder where you saved the VBScript.

You will notice that the icon is not the normal TXT icon. It is a small blue scroll on a white backdrop. Double click on this icon to launch your single use script and listen to your text. Now, to get the hang of it, try to create a few more scripts with any text you want to hear. Now that you know how to write a single use script and have probably played with it a few times, you may be getting a bit bored.

The next thing we will learn is how to create a script that is slightly more advanced than the single use script. This will create a dialog box that you can type text into and have it read back to you by your PC. Start by opening up your notepad again and entering this script or copy and pasting it into the notepad window.

Once it has been saved, navigate to the location where it is, and double click on it. Now we will try another simple script that takes into account the time of day as well as the appropriate response for the time of day. Start by opening your notepad and inserting this short script. You can replace the section that has the greetings of the day with any phrase you want to hear as well as replace Geekmeister with your own name.

Now you can save the text document as a VBS file. Once you have done that, go to the folder where it is saved and double click on it. The script tells it that if the clock reads anything before 12, it is morning, and that anything after 12 is afternoon; however, it also has a clause that says even if it is after 12, as long as the time is past 4 pm it becomes evening. If you would like to get a little bit more advanced and receive the time, you can create a new notepad and enter this script.

Now you just need to save the file as a VBScript as you did in the previous steps and then navigate to that folder. If everything went well, you should be able to double click on it and hear the computer tell you the time. Now that you know how to make your computer greet you and tell you the time, how cool would it be if the computer would do that when you turn on the computer.

It is actually very easy to do if you just combine the two scripts and put them in the right place. Start by opening up Microsoft notepad and copying this code into the window. It is simply a copy of both codes combined for you.

Now that it has been saved, you can double click on the VBScript file to hear it greet you and tell you the time. If, for some reason this does not work for you, you can also manually navigate to the startup folder. Once you are in the startup folder, just paste the vbs file and you are good to go.

Now, the next time you start your computer and log in, it should automatically greet you and inform you of what time it is. If you had any trouble creating any of the scripts, they are all free to download by using these links.

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