How to make book page art

how to make book page art

Book Page Art

Jan 29,  · Place the book in front of you like in the first image of this step. Then fold each page twice on the marks you made in the previous step, like you can see in the second and third image. Try to keep the folds at 90 degrees or as close to it as possible. . Oct 04,  · Just one last note: we designed these free book page wall art printables in three colors and to fit into a 16?20 inch frame or a 24?36 poster frame, though you may scale them up or down as necessary. 24?36 inch scales down easily to 20?30 / 16?24 / 12?18 / 8?12 / 4?6 inches, and 16?20 inch scales down to 12?15 / 8?10 / 4?5 inches.

Hi bloggers, I have some tea party inspiration for you today and also a bit of exciting news to share with you, but I will save that until last. But for now check out this teacup bunting, which will look so pretty hanging above a tea party table. You will also need to own a Sizzix Big Shot machine to put the die cut through. But trust me, once you have one of these machines there are plenty….

Zondagavond, het weekend is weer voorbij gevlogen ……. Zo begon het gistermorgen met een telefoontje van mijn vriendin Erna, of ik even iets voor haar mee wilde nemen van de markt en de stoffenwinkel ik moest er toch naar toe : nestelringen en lavendel, ze had weer een idee……. Later die morgen de spulletjes gebracht en onder het genot van een kopje koffie kwam het idee op tafel: theezakjes maken gevuld met lavendel, zeg maar geur-theezakjes.

Ze had een plaatje op het…. Pinterest on weheartit. Vintage Paper Cake - Fantastic! Love this idea for book lover couple! We had a perfect day for an outdoor event Saturday. This show is an absolute pleasure how to store fresh picked basil leaves do, it is so close I could practically walk there, but since I need the trailer, it seems more prudent to take the truck… And it also would take me at least a week to walk the 15 miles… But still it is closer and easier that many of the shows I do.

I also love seeing people I know from the community. Occasionally I have a great idea that no one but me thinks is all that clever. Take for instance, this….

Three deer greeted me at the art center grounds Today I drove over the beautiful Golden Gate bridge and dropped off my It truly was We lef How to book fold a wedding cake. A wedding cake made from folded book pages that I found. I know, I know Just haven't had anything exciting to report, share or promote.

I'm gearing up for Summer sales. Been out shopping and collecting new, interesting things for you. Some of these things need a little love, but I can see the beauty under the flaws. I did make this little "birthday cake" for a special little gal's 13th birthday.

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Why use book pages to make art?

Feb 25, - Explore Gigi Deal of ?krazyHeartdezig's board "Book Page Art", followed by people on Pinterest. See more ideas about book page art, book crafts, paper craftsK pins. May 16,  · Folded Page Art means that you take a book - preferably one you don't mean to read again - and fold each page in the same way. The result is a 3 dimensional sculpture, the exact shape of which will depend on the type of fold that you have Robin Mansur.

Dress up your walls with words of wisdom! These free oversize book page wall art printables are a great way to show your love of the written word! I spent the middle part of my 20s in Cambridge, Massachusetts. I had a job trading stocks for a small investment bank in Boston, and I considered myself a worldly and cultured young man despite the fact that my foreign excursions until then had been a vacation in Mexico when I was a kid and a quick jaunt into Canada during my junior year in college.

I thought I had it all figured out. Looking back, I cringe at the memory of that self-important doofus who wore too much gel in his hair and reeked of Acqua di Gio cologne. But for all his faults, that doofus did like to read, and he loved to learn.

Words are powerful things. They can unite, or they can provoke war. They can anger, and they can soothe. They elicit emotion — good and bad and everything in between. A master wordsmith only needs a sentence or two to convey a powerful universal truth. These truths are then passed down from generation to generation. In this electronic, interconnected age, they are shared globally on a daily bases and adorn the Facebook pages, decorate the walls and spill from the tongues of people from Boston to Bangalore.

But I never thought about hanging them on my wall until Handan showed me some pictures on Pinterest. Words as art. It was a beautiful concept. I decided to curate a few of my favorite quotes so that I could make my own wordy wall art.

Handan suggested we start offering book page wall art printables and illustrations on a regular basis. This post is the first of many more free printable posts to come. I will be focusing on book page art, birds and animals, old ships perhaps, and anything else that strikes my fancy. Handan will offer botanical illustrations and seasonal and holiday printables. Handan and I bought our 16 x 20 frames at Michaels with coupons, so the whole lot became cheaper than DIYing them, since the frames came with glass and mats.

For this initial run of prints, we wanted the smaller frames for my office. Help yourself to either or both!

I like to mix them together. Unfortunately, the Staples stores in our area have all upgraded to new printers, and there is a new corporate policy forbidding engineering prints when the background is fully colored or black which rules out all the photo and graphic printing we DIYers love so much. We have tried both to compare, and for us, it was worth it to pay the extra money. The prints on the lightweight engineering paper look good, but the paper does warp a little bit:.

The prints on the heavyweight paper are perfect. The text is clearer and it has a richer look overall. The rest of the photos in this post show the heavyweight paper. The first printable is a poem by William Butler Yeats, an Irish poet of the late 19th and early 20th centuries. Of the hundreds of poems, both long and short, that he penned, The Song of Wandering Aengus is my favorite.

It is also my favorite poem of any poet. As he is stoking his fire to cook the little fish, it magically transforms into a beautiful maiden who runs off into the night. Aengus then spends his life looking for the girl. As an old man, he informs us that he will continue to search for her until he finds her, and then they will spend eternity together. This poem is perfect. Can you picture the silver apples of the moon?

That image has been knocking around my head for the past twenty years. I must be using the wrong bait. The next two quotes I adapted from Turkish folklore. There was a man named Nasreddin Hodja who lived in the 13th century during Ottoman times in what today is central Turkey. He was a Sufi Islamic mystic philosopher and was known for his funny stories and jokes.

Over the centuries, more stories were created and told with Hodja as the central figure. The stories are almost always funny, but they work on many levels. The joke is at the forefront, but just behind the humor is a moral. His stories are taught to young schoolchildren and studied by older students. They are an integral part of Turkish culture, and they can be heard on the lips of old timers in tea houses and on radio and TV.

He is considered one of the greatest poets in all of history, and for good reason. He was a profound thinker, and his words still move readers all over the world to this day. He was born in what is now Afghanistan and later lived and died in what is now Turkey, close to where Nasreddin Hodja lived. I wonder if they ever met. As Sufis, they put their love for God above all else in life.

The petty differences in religious dogma that other men squabbled and killed over meant nothing to the Sufi mystics. Their relationship with God was all that mattered. The last printable is a quote inspired by the legendary JRR Tolkien. He was a master linguist and was fluent in over languages and dialects. What Beethoven and Mozart were to music, Tolkien was to language. The original quote is from The Lord of the Rings:. Frodo was now safe in the Last Homely House east of the Sea. So I paraphrased it just a bit and made it personal:.

Okay, enough of my blathering. I promised you book page wall art printables, and printables you shall have! But that can be easily fixed! By the way, we now have 18 more free printable oversize book page art. You can check our new set of oversize book page ar t by clicking on the picture below.

If you display our free printables in your home, be sure to take a picture and post it on Instagram! We love to see our printables out in the wild! We love it when you share our posts on Facebook and Pinterest! Darn you guys. I love you. Really I do. I feel affection for both of you. Thanks for a wonderful place for me to visit with my morning coffee.

I love the decor tips, the humor I truly do smile at your craziness and the laid back way you write. I cried when I read these poems. Today has not been good until now. Then, I read the Navage Patch and felt a whole lot better. Thank you. Hi Linda, your comment brings a smile to my face. This blog can be a lot of work sometimes, but when I read comments like yours, it makes all the effort worthwhile.

Thank you so much, Linda! Chris, we feel the same way about you. If we write a post and more than 24 hours passes without a comment from you, Handan gets totally panicked and thinks something happened to you.

Sometimes more can be said in a sentence than is said in two hours of talking. Enjoy your prints and will took forward to more. Thank you, Frances! So excited by these prints can you hear it in my typing voice?!

Then-nnnnnn you mentioned the Hodja quotes. I lived in Turkey as a child and we have a well-loved Hodja book in our family. Double hooked! Thanks to you both, Greg and Handan! They are perfect little stories, and I wish we had more like them in America.

Oh, the joy of words! How I love the way one can escape life, or to embrace life simply from reading. Now the Yeats poem; I have a different take on it. To me I see that our youth is spent on our basic needs, then as we mature we look for love, in our old age we live with our memories, and what we could have been, and what we have lost.

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