How to make a leather handbag at home

how to make a leather handbag at home

DIY Leather Tote Bag Supplies:

Apr 23,  · Join me on Vimeo to learn how to make this stunning Leather Day Apr 18,  · Follow the build process as I make this lady's handbag (or satchel / sholder bag) in fully lined 2,6mm vegtan top-grain leather (1,4 and 1,2mm leathers).Get.

This basic purse-making tutorial will walk you through how to make hone fully-lined, structured tote in a short afternoon. This bag is the perfect every-day bag and is large enough to carry everything you need. Hopefully you will like it too! Sew in place so you have a rectangular leather tunnel. Tip: Sew the longer sides first, then sew the two short edges to create a crisp, even bottom. If you turn your bag right-side out now, the corners will buckle.

To create a more professional-looking corner when your bag is complete, just trim the edges off of the corners from the inside so your bag looks like this:. Now when you flip the leather section of your bag right-side out, you should have a basic purse-shape that looks something like this:. Repeat the same sewing process leatner your cheetah lining fabric- or any other lining you choose.

You could make leeather purse handle yourself, but to keep this project as simple as possible, I hlme some pre-made purse handles. Sewing through several layers of faux leather can be difficult, but putting a piece of tissue paper over it will how to play folsom prison blues solo the process much easier and be easier on your sewing machine.

Make a square around the perimeter of your purse handle base and a line diagonally across to make it extra tough. When you are done sewing, the tissue paper rips off easily without affecting the stitches at all. Believe it or not, you are almost done learning how to make a leather bag. Let the handles of your bag hang down at the sides and tuck your leather exterior piece inside the lining- hoome sides together.

Once you have your bag flipped right side out, it should look nearly complete! Top-stitch around the top edge of your bag to hold handbah lining in place and create a finished edge. I chose to create a decorative att with my lining by not folding my leather inseam in and sewing the lining around the top instead. I love how this bag turned out! Theme by Bluchic. Spread the love.

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Apr 18,  · Pattern Making. Pattern making occurs at the same time as prototyping as I refine and improve each design. I’ll create a more finalised pattern when I’m ready to translate it to leather. Jan 11,  · Create a pattern and sew your handbag. If you have experience with sewing, take your sketch and create a detailed pattern. Use your pattern to cut out fabric and assemble your handbag using a sewing machine. Views: 33K.

Last Updated: January 11, References. To create this article, 10 people, some anonymous, worked to edit and improve it over time. This article has been viewed 32, times. Learn more Have you tried shopping for a handbag without any luck? Maybe you know what you're looking for in a handbag, but can't find it anywhere. Figure out what you're looking for and find inspiration everywhere. Then, plan the details of your handbag.

You could assemble it yourself, if you're skilled with a sewing machine or you could find a designer to create it for you. Either way, have fun dreaming up and sketching your very own handbag. To design a handbag, go with a duffle, hobo, or bucket shape if you want something larger, or try a clutch, envelop, or wristlet if you'd prefer something small. Once you've settled on a shape, choose a fabric for your handbag, like leather, canvas, silk, or velvet.

You should also decide on a color, going with black or brown for a classic look or something metallic or bright for an eye-catching handbag. Then, you can create the pattern and sew the handbag yourself, or you can take a sketch of your handbag to a designer and pay them to make it for you.

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Related Articles. Article Summary. Part 1 of Read the latest magazines. Fashion magazines will obviously have lots of full-page advertisements featuring handbags.

But don't forget to look at other kinds of magazines. Lifestyle, celebrity, and even home magazines may show handbags that catch your eye. In fact, older magazines may have classic styles that may become popular again. Visit antique malls or estate sales. If you want a chance to get some ideas in person, go to antique malls or estate sales.

There's no telling what you may find, but you'll be exposed to vintage and classic styles. You may even purchase a vintage handbag to alter and improve to your own tastes. Ask around.

If you've been having trouble locating a bag you like and you happen to see someone with a bag that catches your eye, ask where she got it. There's a small chance that you could also purchase one, but if not, you'll at least have another place to look. Talk to your family. Ask family members if they have any old handbags that they no longer want.

You may find something you like, or could at least alter to fit your style. Part 2 of Consider what size you want. If you tend to carry around a lot, you'll need a larger purse. If you simply want to have a few things on hand, choose a smaller option.

You should also make sure that the size of the handbag works with your personal style. For example, if you're a petite person, an enormous handbag will emphasize your small frame. Decide the shape of your handbag. If you know you want a larger bag, think about a duffle, hobo, or bucket shape.

If you want a smaller bag, consider a clutch, envelop, or wristlet. If you're unsure what kind of handbag you like, go to a store and carry several different styles till you find one you like. Think about the function of the bag. Not all handbags work in all circumstances. If you're going to a swanky formal event, you won't want to carry a messenger bag.

And you probably wouldn't carry a rhinestone studded clutch with you to class or the grocery store. The handbag needs to match the situation. Choose a fabric. The fabric you choose will be one of the biggest indicators of your handbag's cost. You could choose from a variety of leathers the more exotic being more expensive and difficult to find.

Leather is long-lasting, can feature patterns, and can be dyed. Canvas is also commonly used in larger bags. Silk and velvet are rarer options.

Sew a few scraps together to make sure your machine can handle it and to see if the fabric holds together well. Pick a color. Choose blacks and browns if you're looking for a safe, classic color that works with just about anything. Metallic colors can give your bag an edgy modern look. Bright bold colors make eye-catching handbags, especially if your wardrobe is pretty neutral. Add embellishments. You'll need to decide what kind of a handle you want. Do you want one long metal chain, two smaller rigid handles made from the same material as the bag, or no handles?

You'll also need to decide if and where you want zippers or other closures. Apply studs, tassels, beading, or sequins to add a little extra emphasis to your handbag.

Create a pattern and sew your handbag. If you have experience with sewing, take your sketch and create a detailed pattern. Use your pattern to cut out fabric and assemble your handbag using a sewing machine.

Apply any embellishments by hand, if necessary. Take your sketch to a designer for assembling. If you're not confident in your sewing skills or just want to make sure you end up with a professional look, find someone to create your handbag. Check for local people skilled in leather work or sewing bags. If you can't find someone in your area, look online. Many companies will work with you to create a bag based off your own design.

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