How to make a homeschool portfolio

how to make a homeschool portfolio

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What should a homeschool portfolio look like? The most common portfolio is a three-ring binder with subject dividers that make organization and record keeping relatively straightforward. Accordion files can also be a great way of creating a homeschool portfolio. Evaluation Method: Florida-certified educator for 10 years, taught multiple grades and also have experience as a Curriculum Resource Teacher & Dean of Students. I am currently a homeschool mom. I offer portfolio review along with discussion and performance-based assessments. Willing to meet at a place/time convenient for your family.

Florida homeschool evaluators and tutors are listed by County. We recommend that you speak to several prospective evaluators before selecting one. Ask about their evaluation style so you can be sure it will be a good fit for your family.

You may also want to ask for references. Please understand that while we ask everyone who wants to be listed here to specify their certification credentials, we are not able to validate this information.

Location of Evaluations: Flexible Rate: Location of Evaluations: Gainesville, Can do over email or in person. Best used by serious hardworking students. ESOL endorsed also. She offers tutoring services for all subjects. Evaluation Method: Portfolio Assessment and one-on-one reading assessments. Brevard Jason Bottorff Email: jason.

Military Leader. Education Minor. I offer testing services and private or group tutoring throughout the year. Experienced with FLVS, co-ops, and how not to ice skate high school with our 7 children.

Northrop University, CA. Grades Rate: Ball U S T Email: sarahcball bellsouth. Educational Leadership, B. Over 20 years of teaching experience in multiple instruments. Early childhood music development and group classes. Recording and production services offered. Private, group, and early childhood classes. All ages and grade levels welcome. Teaches education classes at the university to both public school and home school educators.

Certified to teach English grades in Florida. Adjunct professor since Experienced and caring. Sibling discount. Certified in grades K Experience with special needs. Four years in the traditional classroom and four years how to draw a japanese koi fish experience.

Florida Certificates: K-6, MathScience These are the most important grades and courses your child will ever take. Diana Finch TU Email: dfinch readingrescuecenters. Subjects and Grade Levels: All forms of writing — poetry, fiction, essay, article, etc. Any grade level. I am very passionate about teaching mathematics and it shows!

I also work with students at all levels of mathematics specially the ones with dyslexia. Within the portfolio evaluations, I am looking for the 4 required items: program of study, calendar of events, book log, and sample of work. I look at these, as well as, speak with the parent and student to determine the student made progress that year.

I know a portfolio is just a snapshot and small part of a homeschoolers learning experience, therefore I encourage families to share whatever they feel was a relevant part of their homeschool experience with me! During my career I have developed expertise in numerous Languages. Cyber evaluations when portfolios can be scanned or uploaded. Evaluation Method: Portfolio review and informal interview. Will administer additional assessments if provided. Sibling discounts available when evaluations are completed concurrently.

GCA gmail. I use the Charlotte Mason method myself and am familiar with many different methods and curricula. I am available for online and in-person evaluations. Sibling discounts available. Ingrid Moats TU Email: ingrid tampabaytestprep. ESOL and Reading endorsed. I am also a writer, bringing engaging lessons and skill building activities for reading and writing.

My certification in ESE allows me to teach learning strategies to all grade levels and give parents insight into different learning styles and teaching methods. Free interview included! Carolyn England TU Email: love4learningmath gmail. I have 6 years of teaching experience in secondary mathematics.

I currently tutor an Honors Geometry high school student. Tutoring creative writers is an extension of my experience that everyone can what is alk phosphatase low their writing goals when what does logan mean in spanish positive, encouraging support.

Subjects and Grade Levels: Creative Writing. Grades ages Likewise, I am also available for individual and small group instruction for grades K Location of Evaluations: My location, your location, or via the web variety of methods.

I have been homeschooling and doing evaluations for over 15 years. Former Homeschooler. Middle Grades English, Gifted How to id ford engine. I look forward to partnering with you and your child. Children and families should feel proud of what they have accomplished in a year!

I strongly support unschooling methods and ideas and I am very understanding of children with special needs. Testing is not something I am willing to do. Doctorate in transpersonal counseling with certification as a life coach.

Behavior specialist in Lee County School I did then what i knew how to do. Simple questions prior to the evaluation review are free of charge. I am also able to administer any standardized state testing IF needed. I like to evaluate using a Portfolio review and a one on one discussion with student. If they have taken an instrument as part of their education they can play me a piece of music if they choose to.

The majority of my evaluations I will review the academic portfolio and talk with the child about their interests and see how they have progressed from the beginning of the year until when I evaluate or the schooling stopped for the year.

Location of Evaluations: Your home or library. Subjects and Grade Levels: Reading and writing for all grade levels. Free initial consultation. Pauline Lopez TU Email: bell gmail. Taught in the Florida Public School System for 15 years, gradesfour years teaching at the college level. Five years of special needs teaching experience with grades K Subjects and Grade Levels: All Subjects K-4 Evaluation Method: Various evaluation methods offered including portfolio review, testing formal and informaldiscussion and performance based assessments.

Simple and stress-free evaluations. Same day evaluations available via virtual platforms. Location of Evaluations: Online, telephone, in-person. Subjects and Grade How to make a homeschool portfolio K and college math.

Independent school teacher, gr. Currently an adjunct college professor in Writing, with 20 years of standardized testing and subject tutoring experience. I am a firm believer in creating life-long learners, and tutor children using their learning style. Free evaluations prior to tutoring to find areas of weaknesses. Location: In person in Broward and Dade counties, remote Zoom elsewhere. Tutoring for a variety of subjects areas and grade levels.

I offer annual evaluations for all FLVS students. Evaluate through transcripts and discussion based assessments. Discounts available.

A complete, free online Christian homeschool curriculum for your family and mine

Transform Your Homeschool Experience in just two days! The world is full of unexplored educational opportunities for a child, and who better to unlock their love of . Global Student Network has provided homeschooling resources since We offer schools and families online homeschool programs, curriculum, courses & more. Learn more today. Time4Learning includes a robust system of record keeping that tracks all your child’s completed lessons, activities, and assessments and makes them available through your parent dashboard. These can be printed or saved to your computer for inclusion in your homeschool portfolio. Most students don’t work at a single grade level in every subject.

With courses in History, Science, Creative Writing We would love to talk I would love to tell you a story about my son, the creator of this program. Yes, you What are people saying about Minecraft schooling?

My son has been diagnosed with ADHD and high-functioning Aspergers……He definitely responds well to lots of encouragement. He really cares about how well he does on the quizzes too, which is also huge! It suits his learning style very well and I think he likes having some input in choosing his courses. I feel like the format is so great for learning a lot of information in short periods of time—and my son has been enjoying the builds too! I might have to adjust some of the builds to suit him and what he can handle.

We are excited to start another session with your team! My son is so engaged with this program. He loves learning through Minecraft and it keeps him excited about learning!! I also like that he is interacting with other students from around the world!!

Very creative program! I highly recommend GamED Academy for academics, independent learning, leadership, support, relationships, and just plain fun! My daughter has taken several classes, learning about history and entrepreneurship through Minecraft in ways that I could not otherwise provide here at home.

Moreover, she quickly became interested in getting more involved and helping others, and she has worked her way up the staff ranks to the highest level a teen can hold. I applaud Ms. Jody and the other GamED adults who have so carefully and caringly afforded my daughter and so many others this unique opportunity to shine. Continue Reading. Join a Session or Try an Ongoing Subscription! Bring GamED Academy to your school and make learning fun! Students are assigned weekly lessons that include online videos and articles, with exciting Minecraft build projects to prove their comprehension of the learning material.

Teamwork is required! Technology is here to stay! Increased typing proficiency, improved communication skills on voice chat servers, and blossoming visual design and creativity on the Minecraft servers are all side effects of living in a Minecraft world.

Fits Your Schedule! Assignments are due weekly on Friday. You can study, perform build tasks, and work with classmates on your own schedule.

International Culture Exposure! With students ranging from Thailand and Australia to Hawaii and the Philippines, learning about cultures and making friends from around the world is an amazing bonus! He is willing to learn! A Very Creative Program My son is so engaged with this program. An inviting experience conducive to learning and building relationships!

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