How to increase speed of irctc site

how to increase speed of irctc site

IRCTC introduces new method for faster Tatkal ticket booking. Details here

This happens because the IRCTC website uses live feeds from all over the country regarding seat bookings and reservation feed transfer rate becomes very slow due to very heavy the live feed transfer speed in our country very mesmmdaten.comll they don't and can't use the technology that google or yahoo or facebook uses. May 05, New Delhi: IRCTC, the e-ticketing arm of Indian Railways has added another method to facilitate faster ticket booking including tickets under the Tatkal quota. IRCTC has now introduced an e-wallet using which users can book ticket through its mobile app IRCTC Rail Connect.

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Login Register. Ask Experts Opinion About Miscellaneous. You must Sign In to post a response. Category: Miscellaneous. Learn how to solve online railway ticket booking problems here. It takes so much time to even Log In despite of fact that we use broadband internet. Sometimes after successful payments from net banking, redirecting requires more time than usual. What is the reason? Are you also facing the same problem as I do?

Points: 5. Yes, the problem with IRCTC website is common and is generally faced by most of the people who try to book and e-ticket or an i-ticket. Though we don't know the exact reason for the same yet I think the server being used by the IRCTC website might be the reason for this which might be having some or the other technical problem. However, this is purely my assumption only. And the second thing that I think is we all very well know about the services offered by our govt.

I am sure when you visit the official website of any of our govt. And the other reason which I think for such a problem is that too many users using the website at time might slow down the working of the site. And due to this when too many users log in to the site at the same time and keep using the site mainly for booking tickets, perhaps this might overburden the server and hence there is a slow how to make your pelvis smaller in its working.

These travels agents book online reservations in great numbers and due to such heavy load on the site, the public has to face a problem. But I think it is difficult to restrict these travel agents as well. Points: 6. I very much agree with Ms. Main reason for its slow response is not one but many, some of them are: 1. Too many visits and booking requests. Too many accounts being created which are not even many times accessed by people. Too many fake accounts are also created by agents who book ticket.

Separate access to ticket booking agents with better speed and response time to agents. Since the agents pay fees for the service hence they get a better access to this site as compared to individuals who have free account. Since the database is huge the server to be used for this site had to be better one but i believe they do not have one. This was not the case year ago when online booking was not that popular. Since it has now become the most easy way of booking ticket with increased access to internet by people, load on this site has been ever increasing.

What is needed is that they improve their service and must compensate the users for the charges they take for booking the ticket. If you will go to the indianrail. The government site is also earning huge sum from ads and PPC. In comparison to other sites like the income tax site and ministry of commerce site where the load was also high, so they improved their service by maintaining two sites for the same.

One for providing information and other for core services. They must learn from their counterparts and strive to strike balance between revenue charged from people and the services provided to them.

If you look at a simple example that at a manual booking counter if there is only one window for booking then the queue for ticket will be long and also the ticket booking clerk will get exhausted soon and will response in a slow manner. Whereas if instead of one window 5 windows are opened for booking ticket then the queue will become shorter as well as the booking clerks efficiency will also increase. Same goes with the online site with only difference the they need to improve their backend service which can handle many request at the same time without reducing the response time.

Points: 3. So this is big reason for failure in loading capacity of the server being used. Another reason is the quality of server performance.

For online transactions, there are many types of high quality servers which are being used by banks and other online business organizations. A major reason is the low risk taking of how do school bus stop arm cameras work government.

Whatever the population is, it is the duty of the government to check the technical accuracy of the IRCTC website regularly and ensure updated and better service.

But to say with grief, this never happens. Anther good reason is the large number of ticket booking agency in India. IRCTC never complains or prevents the agents from making the server packed with huge number of transactions to lose the commissions and bonus revenues which accrue from it. Points: 0.

Yes I am also facing same problem. I think due to heavy rush of visitors site becomes slowly. Regards, Naren. We have plenty of reasons associated for the problems that have been faced by you during the booking of tickets through online mode. Firstly as the usage of computer and internet has been vast spread among Indians, majority of public preferring to what does the centriole do tickets through the website by sitting in front of computer at home, office, travel agencies or by visiting to a nearest internet center.

As we all know during the same time if heavy traffic wishing to visit a particular website then the site may not work properly even though you have high speed internet facility. Daily huge number of public tries to access the IRCTC website for the purpose of booking rail tickets and the site speed is very less as the site is of Indian railways; hence we may face such unexpected problems during the booking of tickets.

We can't do anything to overcome this problem but I would like to suggest you one thing try to access the IRCTC website during late night as that time the traffic to the site will be less, hence you can avoid the problems that have been mentioned in your query. The main issue is because of the server response. Recent news is that IRCTC is going to implement some more servers in their end in order to overcome the slow response of its servers. But don't know when they are going to do the same.

Another alternative way is that, mobile based application is available in IRCTC site, users can download and start using it. Points: 2. I too face the same problem and it is a big problem when we try for Tatkal tickets through net. I think its the problem of Server capacity of IRCTC which cannot handle how to become a independent insurance agent huge customer base and as said by other members, all government web sites are also very slow.

Action should be taken by the Railway Authorities as fast as possible to solve the issue. Summer hurry, limited seat and endless wait are enough to spoil your holiday mood. And if these are not enough, then the latest entrant to the list is the IRCTC's snail-paced e-ticketing process that instead of simplifying things makes them more complex and at times impossible to handle.

The Tatkal system of booking, which was introduced for the benefit of the passengers, who decide to travel at the eleventh hour makes things more difficult, instead of simplifying them.

The online booking of tickets which took five minutes earlier, now consumes at least two hours because of problems like network failure or slow network and unavailability of services. Interestingly, clicking the 'book' icon, which appears during e-ticketing on IRCTC's webpage does not guarantee that the ticket has been actually booked. At times, even after completing the entire booking procedure, the website at the end displays message 'service currently unavailable'. And, then one has to go through the entire process again.

There is a heavy traffic as soon as the e-booking window opens. As a result, the network moves slowly. And, by the time you reach at the end of booking process, what happens when cell phone gets wet tickets are sold out.

The problems occur mainly because thousands of people login at the same time, which eventually leads to server crash due to heavy traffic. This happens because the IRCTC website uses live feeds from all over the country regarding seat bookings and reservation enquiries. And the live feed transfer speed in our country very slow.

Afterall they don't and can't use the technology that google or yahoo or facebook uses. Points: 4. First of all I want to say that IRCTC is the only site for online booking of railway ticket no other website providing this facility. Any website claiming the online booking of ticket are fake or they using IRCTC only under agent login. It was about 3 mounts ago case from Gujarat.

The team of hackers developed the application which made server Central database for online ticket booking and login made at particular session busy for other user across country as they are free to book tickets without disturbance.

After that case Railway made Rule strict for fraud login, multiple login from single computer and the timing of online reservation has changed. Some most popular technical problem occurred at server side which did not understood by the user are as follows: 1. Server down 2. Multiple Login from same account 3. Time of access of the site. It mostly happened that maximum user at same time making transaction it lead to deadlock situation and the system crashed. I too face the same problem,Not only me but also every passengers those who prefers train travel face this same problem.

IRCTC is the only website avilable for booking online train tickets so too many users are used to book train tickets only through this website. Due to problem in server capacity,too many visitors for booking tickets, too many how to sell your mp3s on amazon login in same time may cause the server slow. Passenger facing big problem while booking tatkal tickets. In limited time with limited seat availability passengers have to book ticket in tatkal system.

But due to what is the difference between bases and alkalis problems and too many visitors ,people cannot get fast response from this website,sometimes people cannot able to book tickets.

In order to solve this problem government has to provide additional website for booking train tickets.

May 29, The Indian Railways Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) runs a website that is allows people to book tickets on Indian Railways trains online using their debit or credit cards. Now, why a corporation that should be doing catering is running a ticket-booking website is another question altogether, but this question is rarely asked because there are a mountain of other unanswered . Jun 26, IRCTC imports 5 high-capacity servers from Singapore to improve e-ticketing operations. In yet another initiative to speed up e-ticketing operations, Indian Railway Catering and Tourism Corporation (IRCTC) has imported five new servers from Singapore that will phenomenally change the way passengers book tickets on its digital platform.

Booking of trains will be superfast from today. Now, in just one minute, 10, train tickets will be booked simultaneously. So far, tickets are booked in a minute. This will further ease the booking of tickets online for train passengers. Many a times, these e-ticketing websites hang or slow down.

This sometimes causes distress to those who book tickets in emergency. Railway Minister Piyush Goyal is set to launch the new website today. The new website will have more friendly ticket booking features. Bookings will also be much faster with a variety of changes. According to railway officials, the speed of ticket booking will increase after irctc website is upgraded and passengers will be able to book tickets faster than before.

Irctc website will also add food and drink facilities. More than 10, tickets will be booked every minute from new websites. With ticket booking, there is a separate feature for the food book, which allows you to book the food you want. There will be no problem of website hang even if there is more load. IRCTC has also introduced a new post-paid payment option. The passenger can book the ticket and make the payment within 15 days through e-payment or even within 24 hours of delivery of the ticket.

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